Day 148- Charity Navigator and Movie Date

Ok, I'm not to blame for this bit of cheesiness.  Blame Tom!

I was thankful for a Jeep Compass last year because it got us to Medina when our airplane couldn't.  It only makes sense to donate to today.  Compass... navigator... get it? 

We're blaming Tom for that one, remember?

In all seriousness, is a great website that I use almost every day.  It's like a Better Business Bureau of charities.  Organizations on the site are analyzed and given rankings on a 4-star system in order to help people like you and me more easily navigate which charities are legit and which should be avoided.  The site also makes it easy to find charities and to search by keyword for exactly the types of places you want.  In order to keep the site running, they need their own donations, and I'm happy to provide one today.


Tom and I had not seen a movie in a long, long time.  We kept planning to go to one... and then we'd put it off again.  Then, at long last, we did it.  We went to a movie last night...


The movie itself was forgettable.  The popcorn was buttery and delicious.  The company was superb.  The time together holding buttery hand in buttery hand in the movie theater was much needed.

Thank you, movie date, you made my day.


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