Day 141- United Through Reading and Heather's Birthday Party

I was a "bad girl" last year in Barnes and Noble.  What can I say?  I love flipping through brand new pages of a brand new book.  That's about as bad as I get.

Part of the reason I love books so much is because I grew up surrounded by reading and books.  I see firsthand in my classroom the differences between kids who have also had these kinds of experiences and those who have not.  I just wish everyone got that chance at home.

United Through Reading is a program that helps.  Their mission is to "unite families facing physical separation by facilitating the bonding experience of reading aloud together."  I belive wholeheartedly in this idea and its importance.  I'm happy to support this program today.


Perfect weather.  Perfect company.  Lovely day (I won't say perfect day because there may have been a little too much fun for a couple of people...haha... and it wasn't me this time).

Thank you, Heather's Birthday Party, you made my day. 


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