Day 145- "Key Club" and Contract

I'm thrilled to say that a coworker and I are creating a new club at my school next year.  I am even more excited to say that it will be a volunteer and service club for students.  It will somewhat like clubs at other schools that are called Key Clubs.  There's my tie in to last year's Key Lime cake. 

The two of us are both on our building climate committee together, and we discussed our mutual interest in this idea at a meeting a few weeks ago.  We've both noticed that there are often opportunities for our kids and staff to donate money and stuff to good causes.  I always support these things and encourage my kids to as well, especially my can-drive-winning Ac Lab.  I love to see my kids learning the value of charity and giving back. 

However, many of our kids at school are in need of help themselves.  They don't have the means to participate in these contests because they don't really have means at all.  That's why we want to give these kids and the rest of our students the opportunities to get involved.  We want them to volunteer and to find ways to get others to donate.  We want them to research local businesses to see what they might contribute to our school and to our community.  We want them to understand the value and beauty of getting involved.

My donation today was not monetary, but it was important.  I have begun to donate my time to this club that I hope will be important as well.  Stay tuned for updates!


I got my contract today for next year.  This may not seem like a huge deal, but it kind of was.  After the weeks I spent fretting about whether or not I would be back on the job market this spring, a market that is even worse than last year, it was such a blessing to find out that I would have the privilege of returning to my job next year.

I signed and returned my contract today to make it official.  Woo hoo!  Watch out kids... I'll be back. :)

Thank you, contract, you made my day.


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