Day 152- Food on Foot and Special Note

Last year-- 3 letters-- N... P... H!!!! 

He was brilliant on Glee, wasn't he?  I still smile just thinking about it.

In an effort to make NPH smile back (you know, because we're good friends and surely he reads my blog), I donated to a charity he supports today.  It's called Food on Foot, and they do fabulous things.

Food on Foot operates a weekly meal program every Sunday in Hollywood. Food on Foot began in March 1996 as one man's response to the hunger he witnessed among the poor and homeless of Hollywood. What initially began as the distribution of meals from the trunk of a car has grown through the dedication of its volunteers and now serves more than 250 meals each week to homeless, disabled, elderly and low-income adults and children. 

One of my students gave me a really nice note today.  She told me that she has truly enjoyed being in my class, among other things.  This was especially meaningful because it came from a completely unexpected source.  Those are the best!  This is definitely one for my "worthwhile file".

Thank you, special note, you made my day.


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