Day 144- C Gift and Breakaway Date

I have a coworker who does all kinds of things for all kinds of people. She stays late to help out, is always good for a casual conversation, and takes good care of the people around her. She's just plain awesome.

Our department decided to put some money together to get something nice for our wonderful coworker. It was the perfect cause for my $5 today.

Is there someone in your life that you might recognized today? Who doesn't love to feel appreciated?


Breakaway Cafe is

a. a place near the UMSL campus where Tom and I used to meet for dinner before I headed off to a night of classes
b. a restaurant with an amazing house Italian dressing, turkey melt, and seasoned french fries.
c. the location of our date last night after I was back at it on campus.
d. a place where one can get a Dr. Pepper in a cute little glass bottle.

E. ALL of the ABOVE!!! :)

Thank you, Breakaway date, you made my day.


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