Day 156- Goodwill and Clean Floor

I laughed out loud when I read last year's entry.  Before you go thinking I have a big ego, it was someone else's words that cracked me up, not my own.  Do you remember the Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style?  The sport coat compared to MacGeyver?  It still cracks me up.

It only makes sense to donate clothes in honor of this, right? 

I cleaned out the ol' closet, and everything is being donated.  By everything, I mean a LOT of stuff.  This definitely tops the $5 marker for the day :).


Lately, I don't have much time,
and my floor has gotten out of line.

It's hard to keep the cleanest space
when I am moving at such a pace.

Since my closet's way too small,
I just can't seem to fit it all. 

But today I took just a few minutes,
and I'm no longer living in it.

Where all those clothes were strewn before,
all I see now is a nice, clean floor. :)

Thank you, clean floor, you made my day.


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